In 2017 I started the Selfish Mom Project. It was generally meant to be an accountability space for myself but over the years has transformed into things even bigger than I imagined. And yet again in 2020 I decided to transform it again - this time listening to my instincts and following my passion. 

Selfish Mom Project is my passion space. My ideal to save the world one glorious amazing garment at a time. To showcase my creative side, my passion for making old things cool again and allowing a space for my vendors to showcase their talents as well. 

We love our vendors who are moms themselves, busy with day to day life, yet still making time for their passions - because that's exactly what a Selfish Mom is! We love our children and families but we understand the importance of continuing to live out our dreams. 


Rachael Tapper

Founder and proud Selfish Mom